As Promised....


First, let me apologize for my lack of posting. I know I ALWAYS say this, but the last 6 months really has been pretty busy! BUT, Maxson and Kenley are eating lunch right now and I have a min to hop on here and upload some pictures!! [some are from QUITE a while ago!! OOPS] 

Here we go!

YES... These ARE from when we went to Cabo, in October, 2010... haha... 
We had a blast with Eric's parents, and brother and his family! This was such a fun vacation! We stayed at a BEAUTIFUL resort, and played, and ate, and went to Senor Sweets, and snorkeled and hiked and walked around town AND we learned how to sail! And we had a sailing race with another sailboat. It was so much fun! I cannot wait to go back and take the twins!! Thanks again Corey and Judy!!


Now, These ones are from December 2011. Eric's parents came to visit in SLC. We went shopping, ate a delicious sushi dinner, walked around Temple Square and we got to go to the Christmas Devotional! It was amazing! I had never been to the Christmas devotional so that was neat to go and listen to the leaders of our church talk!

These ones are from our trip to Las Vegas for Memorial Day weekend in 2012. The twins were 9.5 Months old!  SO much fun! We stayed the first night of our drive at our friends, the Jacox's house, and then drove the rest of the way the next day! We went to sushi (hmm I think we go to sushi every time we are together!), hung out at the park, a lot, we went swimming, and shopping. We had so much fun this trip! It was the first LONG trip the kids had been on, and they did great!

I think it is safe to say our nieces LOVED hanging out with the twins!!

OK that is it for now! I will try to get back and leave a good long post about what has been going on in our lives lately! Until then! 



...July ... July.
We had a ton of fun in July!
SO just a little side note... I really have been doing a pinteresting thing EVERY week! I realized I have not been blogging about it... really, like I have the time... Anyway something that I came across on Pinterest was a neat way to Journal! The original idea comes from the Design Sponge!
Basically you need: Index cards and a pen. SUPER EASY WAY TO JOURNAL FOLKS!!! You need 365 Index Cards, one for everyday of the year. And you write the date on the very top. JUST the day tho. SO July 1, July 2, July 3, and so on... and then on the first line you write the year. 2012. What you do, is you just write something down that happened that day. Just one line. And as years go by you are able to look back and see what you did that day one, two, ten years ago!
I have actually been very proud of myself. I started in MAY and I have been so good about writing something every day!!

OK back to JULY....
Looking back on my Journal Calendar for July, I realized a theme! I always find it interesting how the Lord places things in our lives at certain times. :) The theme for July was Temples and Families. What I have been trying to do with my Journal Calendar is, I write something that happened during the day, but then I also write something down that I am thankful for! Many times I find that I am saying that I am thankful for my family, Eric, and my relationship with my family. I honestly have the best family! I am so thankful for each of them!

My dad is my hero. He is such an amazing guy. I am so thankful for his example of a hard working man. He is such a great example of what the Priesthood should be. He is always doing his absolutely best to fulfill his callings, giving his family enough time and energy, and being the best pediatrician this side of the Mississippi. We always have such great conversations and I am so thankful that I am like him. :)

My mom is my best friend! I am so thankful for our relationship! I call her MULTIPLE times a day. I am sure I drive her nuts most of the time. But she is just the best person to talk to, and learn from. She has taught me so much about being a wife and a mother. Any crafty DIY project I do has been approved by her. I know my life would be so colorless and boring with out her!

Taylor has turned into such an amazing man! He and I have always been close and it is so cool to watch him grow into a husband, businessman, all around great grown up guy! I have so many fond memories of the two of us growing up. We played, we fought, we cried, and laughed together and I am so thankful that we have remained close. It is so fun to have him and Hilary living so close to us!

Hilary! I am so thankful to finally have a sister! Hilary is so good for Taylor and really fits SO well into our family! Hilary is such a good example to me! She has such a strong testimony and I know that by her being an example the people in her life, she will touch their lives in ways she will never know! I love her so much. Couldn't be happier for her and Taylor.

Blake is on his mission now! We dropped him off on August 15th, so I wont really talk about that part about Blake. BJ has the most fun loving personality. He is amazing with, not only kids in general, but my kids! They absolutely love him! I am so proud of the man that he is turning into! More on him later.

Parker and I have a pretty special relationship. He is 10 years younger than me but we still have such a good relationship! Let me just say that he is a miniature Eric, so that may be the reasoning behind us being so close. Parker and Eric are two peas in a pod. When they are together they are laughing nonstop and they are hilarious. Parker is one of the most spiritual people I know. He is such a great example to me.

Maxson is my boy! He is a mommas boy through and through and he has such a sweet spirit and a great personality. It is so fun to watch him grow. He loves reading books like his mom and dad! Max is just hilarious already and I can already tell that I am going to have my hands full with him and his daddy.

Kenley is the sweetest girl in the world! She is a little dramatic sometimes. What girl isn't? She loves everything. She is so full of life and energy and I love watching her interact and grow with Max. She is a beauty and I am so thankful for this little duck! She follows me around everywhere and many times I almost kill myself tripping over her, but it makes me so happy to know that she loves me so much!

Last but NOT least, Eric Dean Massey. This man is the love of my life and my best friend in the whole world. He does such a great job of providing for us! He leads us as a patriarch in our family. He keeps me in line and helps me keep things in prospective. He listens to me and puts up with my crazy. :) He makes me feel like a queen and I am so thankful to have him!

A couple of things that happened in JULY are:
We celebrated 4th of July at the Lowman's Annual 4th of July BBQ. Also Kenley took her very first steps on the 4th!
One of my oldest friends got married! And she was BEAUTIFUL!!! So happy for Kate and Topher.
Took the Youth to Best of EFY for Mutual. The speakers were amazing!!
We went on our monthly LOGAN dinner trip to meet the Jacoxs at Cafe Sabor!
My Young Women went to girls camp!! They had a great time!
AND my FAVORITE DAY OF JULY... July 28th... We ran the Timpanogos Half Marathon, I was deathly ill afterward, went to City Creek Mall, had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, and went to the Broadway show (in SLC) WICKED! It was such a fun, crazy, beautiful day!
EVERYONE (except mom and the twins) ran the Half. We all did awesome!
I was sick, sick, sick. I made my dad stop at Denny's so I could puke... Not sure if it was the smell of Denny's, or me actually being sick that made me so sick. I am sure it was a combo.
City Creek Mall is AMAZING.
Cheesecake Factory is ALWAYS amazing.
Wicked is my all time favorite Musical. It is so inspiring!

July was crazy...



June was a busy month for us as well. In fact, I think it would be safe to say that just our whole lives are busy and they will be. :) This summer has been so much fun!! We have really tried to be active and do things.
We went to the park a million times. Eric took the LSAT. Maxson and Kenley were 10 months old. Eric had his first Father's Day. I did some fun activities for Young Womens. We had our first bout of sickness race through our little family. We swam a lot at Nana's. (By WE I mean the twins. And by SWAM I mean played in the kiddy pool.)Maxson peed in the Bumbo. We had our very first camping trip as a family. Kiddos rode on the 4wheelers for the first time. And our town was devastated by the Charlotte Fire.

We went to the park a bunch! Brooklyn's Playground is the place to be! It is such a nice park! We love going there and swinging on the swings. They have SO many baby ones! Well like 6. :) We love meeting friends at the park. Moms get to chat and walk and do mom things. And the kids get to do kid things, like sit in the stroller, swing on the swings, go down the slide and eat grass. One of my very best friends Dani and her girls, Hazyl and Hattie met us at Brooklyn's Playground the day they were doing the ribbon cutting! It was so neat to see the community that had gathered together and donated the funds for this amazing handicapped accessible park! Very neat! It was so much fun to get together with Dani and the girls! (They live in Logan.) Dani and I have a very interesting relationship. Well actually our relationship is quite normal, but the background of it is pretty fun. :) Her husband, Tyson, was my high school boyfriend. And he is actually probably the only reason Dani and I have become so close! I am so glad they got married and that Dani and I were able to get past the weirdness (actually we don't even think it is weird, but there are other people who think it is... weird.) and become best friends! I love her and am so thankful for our friendship! She is such a great example of a wonderful mom and I am SO glad to know her!

Eric took the LSAT! He had been studying so hard, and finally the day came to LSAT. We all woke up early, ran to Walgreens for some last minute things he needed, like pencils... haha, and we drove him to the testing center. No cell phones were allowed and so I told him I would be back in a couple of hours. Well apparently he showed up to take the test too early! He had to walk home. Thank goodness we only live about a mile from campus. SO he figured out when he needed to be back and where he needed to go. So again I dropped him off at campus and told him I would be back in a couple hours. Kissed him good luck and took off. 2 hours later we head back to ISU to pick him up! And we wait. And wait and WAIT. LITERALLY TWO HOURS. Finally I threw in the towel and decided to head home. Kids needed dinner and were so sad. We get home, and who should be there sitting on the couch... ERIC!!! WHAT?? Well, as luck would have it he had to go somewhere else on campus to take the test. (remember he still couldn't have his phone) And when he had finished the test he said he looked for me and walked to our meeting place and we were nowhere to be found! So he walked home! He had only been there for about 15 min, so its not like we were totally wasting our time waiting for him. Looking back now he should have just had his phone in his pocket turned off... haha.

Eric had his first real Father's Day! The kids and I gave him a couple of DVDs and made him a nice card! Eric is truly an amazing Father! He is so great with the kids and even puts up with me still! We are so SO lucky to have him! He works so hard to provide for us and then has energy to play and go on walks and take care of us! I love him so much! :)

My calling as Young Women's President has been a real challenge for me! For those of you who may not know what Young Women's is, it is a program designed for the young ladies that are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and are ages 12-17. This program is designed to teach the young women in our church skills and talents that will help them to build their testimony, be leaders, and be wives/mothers/successful women in the world in which we live. I LOVE the YW program and know of it's importance! What has been hard is... well... we only have two active girls. That is, two girls that actually come to church and we can count on them to be there for our Wednesday activities. We actually have about 12 girls that are YW age in our ward. And a handful of them come out to Wednesday activities. I say it has been a challenge for me because I feel responsible for each of these girls salvation's. I say this in all seriousness. I love each of my girls SO much. And it makes me so sad to see some of the situations they come from. I want whats best for them, and I want them to be happy. And I know that true joy can only come from feeling our Heavenly Father's love and showing you love Him too by doing the things He has commanded. I pray for these girls day and night. And I hope, I HOPE that something I do will touch their lives. Maybe not now, but someday they can look back and say, "Wow, Sister Massey really loved me! She was awesome and taught me so much!" Wishful thinking, I am sure.

We also had our first sickness in our home! Max was the first to get the bug. Saturday morning Max gets sick and throws up twice. Saturday afternoon Eric is sick and throws up as well. Sunday we all rest. Monday morning mommy is sick and throws up. (My wonderful mother and brothers took the kids all day so I could get better.) And finally Monday evening Kenley wakes up and throws up and is up all night sick. I think she got it worse than any of us! It is such a hard thing to see your kids sick! It broke mine and Eric's hearts!

W also had our first camping trip in June! Worst night ever! Sleepless and freezing! We stayed in my parent's camper and thought ok this will be fine we will just have the kids sleep with us. Well Maxson will fall asleep cuddling but Kenley thinks that if anyone is near her it is play time! The battery in the camper died and we were all FREEZING! Needless to say it was interesting. :) We will wait a little longer til we go camping overnight again! The next day, however, was a blast! We rode the 4wheelers and played with the dogs and shot guns! We had a great time!!!

On June 28th, the Charlotte Fire started about 7 miles from my parents house! It burned all afternoon destroying 66 homes in the area that I spent most of my childhood! It was so sad and so scary to see the smoke and know that homes were being destroyed! My parents were evacuated although, the firefighters were able to contain the fire about 3 miles away. The whole side of town was so lucky! If they hadn't contained the fire where they did SO many more homes would have been lost! It is still hard to drive through the fire area and see the damage. Many of my friends lost their homes. Homes that we had grown up in! But thankfully almost everyone had insurance and will be able to replace their monetary possessions. Be thankful for all of your blessings! You honestly never know when something like this could happen.

I love my life. I am thankful for my blessings. I am thankful for my family and friends. I am thankful for my Savior. I know Heavenly Father knows and loves me. I love my kids and hubs.


Apparently what happens in Vegas, DOES stay in Vegas when you are a busy mom/wife and dont have time to blog about it....

The last couple of months have been NUTS! I will do my best to reacap and fill you in on our lives! JUST focusing on getting the words out now, PICTURES will come later. I promise!
I promised a VegasVacay Update!

At the end of May we took a little Vacation with the kids and went to Las Vegas to visit Eric's Parents and Brother and his family! We had such a great time!!! As always, the trip ended too early!
This was our very first road trip with the twins! A 12 Hr drive! On the way down to NV we decided to stop in Farmington, UT to hang out with our friends the Jacoxs. WE LOVE THEM! We got to hang out with them and their baby boy Case! These guys are such awesome people! Brittney is always such an amazing hostess! She made us a YUMMY dinner! Then BROWNIE! And basically made our bed for us AND she made Banana Pancakes for breakfast before we headed out on the road! I am so thankful for her and Adam's friendship! WE love them and are so thankful that we met them in Florida! They are such great parents too!! Case is so stinking cute!
I am so glad we split the trip down into two different days! The kids were SO good on the way down to Vegas! We made a lot of pit stops and changed a lot of diapers, but we made it all in one piece and with energy to spare!! We got to Corey and Judy's (Eric's fabulous parents) and got all settled in! I am SO LUCKY to be blessed with such great in-laws! I love his parents! They are so good to us and are great examples!
We did a lot while we were there! We went to the park! Eric and I got to go see Avengers at the Red Rock Casino (date night!!)! We went to a really yummy Japanese place for lunch. We went swimming. We played with the kinect. We went shopping. But the best part about it was just hanging out with family! Eric's brother Stephen and his wife Jessica have 3 little girls! These girls are SO fun! They are growing up way to fast! Maxson and Kenley LOVED hanging out with their cousins! It is so amazing just to soak in the feeling of family! We always have a great time when we are all together! We miss Steve and all his girls a ton! I am so glad that we live SEMI close, so we can visit them!
Like I said pictures will come! I just dont have my camera with me... DOH!


9 months in... 9 months out...

Maxson and Kenley have officially been out of my belly as long as they were in! SO very exciting. This age has been SO much fun. Their personalities are really starting to show and we love it! It is so funny how different in size they are! People are starting to think that Max and Kenley are just brother and sister, not twins. We get, "Oh wow, you sure didn't wait long to get pregnant." or whispered "WOW. There is no way they are twins, can you imagine." or my favorite, (to our face from complete strangers mind you.) "When is the next one due." HI OK not only is that totally rude THEY ARE TWINS, but umm... I know that I am not SKINNY MINNY at all, but I DO NOT LOOK PREGO. I love to just smile and say "Oh yes he is the older brother, 11 min older. They are twins. Cant you tell?" Usually people come up with some sort of awkward reply, especially when they weren't talking to me in the first place... Kill them with Kindness.

Maxson- Weight 19lbs 11oz. We just tell people he is 20 lbs. He feels like 40. You know when there are some kids that no matter how much/little they weigh they just are HEAVY. That is our Max man to a T. If he were tied to you, and you fell into the ocean, you would sink to the bottom. This guy has a LOT of brains, that is why his head is so big. He now has 7!!! teeth. 4 on top and 3 on bottom. HE loves to show them off with his cheesiest smile. He also loves to BITE. Anything and everything. My chin, shoulder, and bicep among his favorites. Max is crawling like a champ now! He follows Kenley around everywhere and they turn and look at each other and crack up laughing. They are hilarious to watch. Max climbed the stairs at my parents for the first time! He loves mom. And food. And cuddling. This kid is such a great cuddlier. He loves when mom sings to him and story time. AND he loves his banana brush. BEST thing ever. Max is my bud and I LOVE him. Max loves to scream. He screams when he is excited, when he is bored, when he is upset, when he is hungry, always. We call him the pterodactyl. He especially likes to do it when he should be quiet. Like at church, or in restaurants. So awesome. :] Max is so HANDSOME! I love to just stare at this kid! I love his smile and he has his daddy's butt-chin. Which I adore.

Kenley- Weight 15lbs 6oz. Just itty bitty still. I swear she must be moving around so much that she just burns calories like crazy. Kenley is not only petite, but she is dainty in all that she does. She grabs her food so girly, and when she stands she is on her tip toes. This girl is a girly girl through and through. Even her cry is dainty. I love this little girl like crazy. She is going through a stage right now (actually they both are) where I cannot leave them alone. If I even turn to walk out of the room, cry. If I hurry and run to the bathroom, cry. If she is tired and anyone else tries to hold her, cry. I love that she loves me so much that she doesn't want to be apart from me, but it sure makes it a lot harder for me to get anything done! AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN BUSIER, but more on that later. She is a happy girl, she loves to play with Max. She is teething now! Teething has not been a breeze for her. Tender, runny nose, fussy, just sad. She has 2 teeth and they are cute. I miss her gummy smile and we can no longer call her toothless. But I love her two toofs. She loves climbing the big stairs at Nana's house. And she LOVES Betsy and Jeter. (my parent's dogs) I am sure you know this if you have looked at any pictures at all of Kenley, BUT she is beautiful. She has excellent eyebrows, perfect little nose, beautiful big eyes, and cute cheeks! She just needs some hair. She is bald!

Mom- Well like I mentioned before I am BUSY BUSY BUSY. I just got a new calling, and I know I am going to love it, once I stop stressing. I am the new Young Women's President in the 4th Ward. I am so excited about this new calling. I love being in YW! I know that Heavenly Father will help me. And help my family to support me. I will be keeping you updated on some of the things we do! I want to be able to look back someday and remember all the fun stuff we are going to do. :] We just spent almost a week in Vegas, visiting Eric's family! We had so much fun! Vegas post to come later. We are running a half marathon at the end of July! So excited! It is the Timpanogos Half, and I have heard it is beautiful! I start training for that TODAY. (PS finished Insanity. LOVED it. Will be doing it again in August.) I have a huge list of crafts I want to do this summer. The twin's Birthday is in August. OH the same day that we are doing the Half Marathon, we are going to WICKED in SLC. SO EXCITED FOR THIS! My mom and I went 3 years ago and this time we are taking all the boys! Max and Kenley are going to go to Eric's cousin Katie and her hub Steve's house while we go! In June I am throwing my VERY good friend Kate a bridal shower! She is getting married in JULY and I couldn't be happier for her! Sometime in August is the Jensen family reunion! We usually go to 7 peaks in Provo and swim all day! BUT I think this year they are all going to come up here and we are going to go to Lava for some swimming and floating the river! My middle brother Blake got his mission call, he is going to be serving in the Riverside California Spanish speaking mission! He leaves on Aug 15. His birthday. I cannot tell you how proud I am of him. He is such a great kid. And such a good example. I am going to miss him a whole lot. BUT I know that he is doing the right thing. Missions are awesome! I am sure I will have other things come up that will keep me even busier, but that is how my summer looks so far!

Dad- Eric is still studying like crazy. We got him a couple more LSAT prep books. He takes the LSAT on June 11th. I am so happy for him. He has been working so hard and I am sure he will slay that LSAT like its nobodies business. Top choices for Law School right now are: BYU, UofU, UNLV, ASU, and UofI. But we will go where ever the Lord wants us to end up. He will start the application process when he finds out what he scored on the LSAT, then it is waiting time and then NEXT SEPTEMBER (2013) is when he would start school. We are looking forward to this next adventure! I know that I will pretty much be a single mom for the three yrs he is in school, but it will be worth it. It always is. Eric is running the Half Marathon too! And as soon as he takes the LSAT he will start training. I love that he likes to be healthy too. It is so fun to watch Eric with the kids. He is so good with them, and they ADORE him. They always laugh so much more when Eric is home. He makes things better for me when I am having a hard time or am stressed out.

That is what we have been up to, and what we will be up to.
Swear I will tell you all about our fabulously fun crazy wild Vegas Vacay soon!


Massey Ochocinco....

Ok SO 8 months have passed since I held Maxson and Kenley in my arms for the first time! Where did the time go?! I know moms are ALWAYs [maybe too much??] saying that. "Oh my gosh! How are they so big?" or "Holy COW! Where did the last 8 months go?" And I am VERY guilty of wishing time would stop, and my babies would stop growing. And that they could just be this old forever! They are so sweet, most of the time. And they still NEED me. I get so sad thinking of the not so distant future when they won't be my babies anymore. They will be my toddlers, my 8 yr olds, my tweens, my teens (Heavenly Father PLEASE help us through these specific years), my adults, my missionary(ies), my bride/groom to be.... the list goes on and on. Really tho, I am shedding tears right now. How is it that SOMEDAY they wont need me for EVERYTHING. I mean I know they will need me in a, but you are my mom I will always need you, kind of way. But I can honestly tell you right now, I will secretly miss changing diapers, feeding them, kissing owies, cuddling, waking up in the middle of the night, the sweet noises they make, their toothless smiles{already missing Max's, that boy has 3 teeth!}. There are just so manything about this stage that are so perfect in many ways. Now please dont get me wrong, somedays I want to pull my hair out, or run away. But I have to remind myself that I will miss them being this little.
OK ENOUGH of that. sniff sniff.

Maxson and Kenley are just over 8 months old!

Max: weight- 19lbs 5oz still a chunk. 28 inches long. I feel like he is so tall. Now these aren't DR office exact numbers. We will be going there today just to weigh them and visit Grandpa, but these are home measurings. :)
Maxson has 3 teeth!!! [as previously mentioned] Two little jagged ones on the bottom, and one coming in on the top! He has been a trooper through teething so far. Not overly fussy, no running nose, not tender. He is one tough cookie. He is now able to roll from his stomach to his back!! Before he would get stuck and get SO frustrated! He is trying to crawl... but YOU try being 8 months old and holding up 19lbs... Cant be easy. He loves to hear himself talk. He talks all the time. From, mamamama to dadadada to babababa. He just babbles on all day long. Max loves story time and learning how to clap!!

Kenley: weight- 15lbs 3oz Yay she is gaining! 26 inches long. That two inch difference is HUGE between her and her brother. She is so petite. I love it tho. She is our little bug.
Kenley is not only crawling but climbing on things. She has almost learned how to get up on the couch all by her self. She climbs all over mom and dad and brother. Max HATES IT. Kenley LOVES little kids. She thinks they are so fun! She loves to go to the park and just watch all of the kids running around and playing. She just laughs it up when ever she sees a little kid. SO cute. She crawled up the 4 stairs at Nana and Grandpa's house all by herself. Of course I was right there to make sure she didnt get hurt, but she did it. All by herself. Ugh like I said, growing up way too fast. She loves to have mom or dad follow her around our apartment. Kenley is always smiling! Her favorite thing to do is the BUG DROP. Basically we pick her up and drop her on her back on our bed. She cracks up every single time. SO tender.

Mom & Dad:
I am busy trying to get my body back in shape. So I am doing Insanity. Serioulsy love this workout program. It is SO hard but so fun. I am halfway done. And I have only lost like 3 lbs, BUT I am getting a waist back and I can see abs forming! YAY! Also I am doing a lot of walking with friends and trying to get out running as well. I am crazy busy taking care of Max, Kenley, and Eric. :] Its hard to find time to clean and craft and cook and read and do all of the things a perfect wife/mother would do. But I am doing the best I can. And sometimes, our bed doesn't get made our our dishes don't get done {ps have I mentioned that we DO NOT have a dishwasher.... so A LOT of times our dishes dont get done.} but I have learned to be ok with undone tasks. I LOVE MY FAMILY.
Eric is SUPER busy as well. He wakes up, studies, gets ready for the day, goes to work, comes home for lunch {FAVORITE TIME OF DAY}, goes back to work, comes home for the day around 530, helps feed kids around 6, hangs out, plays with us, bath time for kids, then feed them again then scriptures, then bed for kids, then Eric studies, then goes to bed himself. What is he studying you ask?? Eric has decided that he is going to take the LSAT. SO he has been working his butt of preparing for that. I am so proud of him. He is killing it on practice tests and he seems to be learning a lot and really enjoying it. I love this man. He is my best friend, love of my life, most amazing daddy, and the funniest guy around. He is awesome. I thank my Heavenly Father for him everyday. I don't know where I would be without him. I LOVE YOU ERIC DEAN MASSEY! I JUST WANT TO SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! Haha ok a little corny, but really I kinda like him. :]


Max Man & Ken Bug

... These two little munchkins are my life. Literally. I knew that our lives would be so different once we had them. BUT I had NO idea HOW different they would be. I wouldn't change it for anything. I love my family more than anything. I am so thankful they get to mine FOREVER! But, gone are the days of having just a cleaning day where you clean all day long, gone are the days where I can sleep in because I am not feeling well, and gone are the days when I was able to get out of the house before 10am looking decent. :) Of course these are all expected when one has a baby. BUT when it really hits you that you can't turn them off or return them... It can be kind of overwhelming. Dont get me wrong my babies are SO GOOD! They are both so good tempered and are pretty independent, for now.

7 Months

Maxson: Weight: 18lbs 4 oz (CHUB) this kid is in 9 months clothing and SOME 12 months.
Max is FINALLY rolling over!! YAY. He is the thinker. He loves to look at lights, and the tv, and outside. He is still sleeping thru the night... ususally. Sometimes he will wake up once during the night, usually because he has rolled onto his stomach and he can't roll himself back. He LOVES his mommy and peekaboo and graham crackers. He makes high pitched noises like an exotic bird and puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. His laugh still lights up my life. UGH I just love him so much!!!

Kenley: Weight: 14lbs 8oz this little girl JUST grew out of her 3 month clothes. Haha she is petite for sure! Kenley is CRAWLING all over the place!! It is so fun to see her growing but it is so stressful having her crawling! I look around our apartment and all I see are death traps and bruise givers and potential stitches. Seriously it is so stressful. I am currently trying to find a new tv stand becuase she LOVES to get into the dvds and then bonk her head. She is our dare devil that is for sure. Kenley LOVES her daddy and Mona (her sock monkey), and apple juice. She says dadadada all day long and still growls. Her laugh is so cute! LOVE HER SOOO much!

6 months OLD

7 months OLD loves